Issue # 10 | February 2013

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Governments’ incremental assaults on democracy undermine our Canadian principles and values

Many Canadians have, of late, bemoaned the decline of democracy and have expressed worry about the state of their political representation. [+]

We support one another…

As I write this, another Globe and Mail article reported the comments of yet another Minister of Education decrying her ability to speak directly to the teachers of the province. [+]

The Changing Context Facing Teacher Unions in Canada

How would you characterize the changing political and economic context facing teacher unions (and/or public sector unions) in your jurisdiction? More in this in-depth examination. [+]

Age of austerity

Alex Himelfarb, Director at the School of Public and International Affairs at Glendon College, York University describes policy in the age of austerity as “a highly competitive, zero-sum game. Never-ending austerity invites ever deeper divisions, resentments and jealousies.” [+]

Teachers’ views on the relationship between technology and aspirational teaching

More on CTF’s national teacher survey conducted October 2012 that explores the relationship between the use of digital technologies and aspirational teaching in education. [+]

Social justice isn’t “new” ...

As children are exposed to world events through multiple forms of media, it is even more important for teachers to help them think critically about what they are experiencing. [+]

First and foremost, we are teachers

A who’s who in teacher organizations across Canada. [+]

Concepts of pedagogy in French-language schools: You said conscienti… what?!

This article focuses on a key concept underlying the definition of pedagogy in French-language schools. [+]

“Listen I read” - 2nd edition

Through its Imagineaction program, CTF is pleased to partner once again with the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU), the Public Lending Right Commission (PLRC) and Indigo Books and Music in the project called Listen, I read – 2nd edition. [+]

Autism in the Classroom

In a March 2012 announcement, the Centers for Disease control released their latest statistics on autism. One in 86 children has an autism spectrum disorder and one in every 54 boys. What does this have to do with you? [+]

Happy 20th anniversary to Education International

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, EI has grown to represent over 390 organizations with almost 30 million members in over 175 countries and territories – including CTF which was there from day 1! [+]

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