Issue # 12 | November 2013

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A look at a global campaign through a Canadian lens

Thirteen years ago, world leaders committed to the goal of providing, by 2015, universal free primary public education to all children around the globe.  As that date approaches, achievement of that goal is in question [+]

Freedom from bias

The President’s Forum was a stimulating, thought provoking event that shone a light on systemic bias and widespread misconceptions for many of us, even some who considered ourselves fairly enlightened [+]

CTF President’s Forum: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education

Last July’s President’s Forum heard the voices of Canadians educators, Aboriginal leaders, policy makers and youth who shared their rich and diverse perspectives on First Nations, Métis and Inuit education. A summary of their discussions [+]

Dr. Pamela Toulouse looks “Beyond Shadows”

The shadow of colonial effects still hangs heavy over our efforts toward making a difference in the lives of Indigenous students. Moving forward from this colonial shadow starts in all classrooms [+]

Reflections on the President’s Forum

Lori Pritchard, teacher and member of the CTF’s Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Education reflects on the Elders and Ceremony as well as story-telling that unfolded during the President’s Forum [+]

The voice of youth

The voices of youth took centre stage at the President’s Forum as two students weighed in on the impact residential schools had in Canada [+]

Pedagogy in French-Language Schools

« Actuelisation—a play on the French word “actuel” (meaning “current” in English), a concept that places issues related to the French language firmly in the present to create a positive, real and modern connection to the Francophonie [+]

The Essence of Worthwhile PD

How does one determine a worthwhile professional experience? Is it the new information or skills learned? Insights and ‘aha!” moments that transform teaching approaches? [+]

Labour rights, inequality and democracy

The labour movement often touts the traditional union advantage as better wages and benefits, and decent working conditions. Another face of the union advantage is that it helps to keep income inequality in check [+]

Media Literacy Week 2013: Helping Kids Make Sense of Marketing Messages

Everywhere they turn, kids are bombarded with words and images trying to
sell them something. Whether it’s while they’re watching television, checking
their social networks, or even doing online research, the marketing materials
are there [+]

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