Issue # 13 | March 2014

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What is Quality Education?

In recent years, the question “What does quality education look like?” has prompted a number of markedly varying responses. Here’s the CTF President’s take on what it should mean. [+]

The Land of the Blind

Huxley’s Brave New World is here; it has been for some time. Citizens are watched, lied to and manipulated. [+]

CTF’s International Program: Teachers’ Action for Learning

The “Unite for Quality Education” campaign launched by Education International resonates for the CTF International Program. “It was like hearing an echo, a deep reverberating call to the work CTF has focused on for over 50 years”. [+]

Taking issue with PISA

In less than two decades the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has become the widely used proxy for the performance of education systems around the world.  However, there are a number of things we find problematic about PISA in general, and PISA 2012 in particular. [+]

The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research

This newly launched publication invites teacher organizations and teachers to submit articles or ideas on various education topics including those related to multiliteracies . Find out more on submission criteria here [+]

When Education and Legislation Meet: Teacher Collective Bargaining in Canada

The neoliberal agenda and the ideology of austerity by governments have put pressure on all public sector unions to restrict their fundamental human rights – collective bargaining. More in this cross-Canada examination of government legislation suppressing teacher bargaining rights. [+]

Sensification… “Why are we doing this, Teacher?”

In previous issues of Perspectives, we introduced three of the four interrelated concepts underlying the definition of pedagogy in French-language schools: CONSCIENTISACTION, DYNAMISATION and ACTUELISATION. In this issue, we discuss the fourth and last concept: SENSIFICATION. [+]

What Have We Got Against Our Grandchildren? (Or children for that matter)
A Challenge to Retired or Close to Retired Teachers

Should they not have the same chance at prosperity we had? Are we so fearful of a taxation system that allowed us to prosper and access the benefits of social welfare state? [+]

Life Online: Canadian students are more connected, more mobile and more social than ever

MediaSmarts conducted a survey of 5,436 studentsto find out more about their online experiences. “Young Canadians in a Wired World – Phase III: Life Online” has also raised many other issues. [+]

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