Issue # 14 | June 2014

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Women’s Quest for Justice and Equality, and Education International’s Leadership Role

For millennia, it is women who have kept the fires burning in their homes and in their communities. It is women who have tended the hearth and created those special places of warmth and light at the center of our lives. As I reflect about the intersections between this reality in the lives of women and the role of Education International, certain images come to mind. [+]

Speaking Up for Human Rights in a Democracy

Teachers are deeply concerned for the welfare of hungry, abused, neglected children; ethnic or socio-economic outsiders or intellectually, physically or mentally challenged individuals who seem to have little future in our society. To teachers public education is about helping all students. [+]

Is the UN Declaration for Human Rights a Little Passé?

As a global citizenry, we’ve been through two World Wars, a number of genocides, civil wars, riots, freedom marches, demonstrations, uprisings, coups, and countless other events, all of which have served to reinforce the accessibility of human rights for every human being on this planet. [+]

The Quest for Teacher Work-Life Balance

Teachers’ work has become more intensive and complex over time. As a result, work-related stress experienced by teachers can contribute to a sense of imbalance between their home and work life.The findings of the CTF’s online survey to which over 8,000 teachers responded reveal a dramatic picture. [+]

Pedagogy in French-Language Schools: On condition that…

Students who have the opportunity to build their linguistic and cultural confidence through healthy interpersonal relationships in the classroom will be able to better explore the unlimited possibilities that the Francophonie has to offer. [+]

Addressing School Related Gender-Based Violence

According to Education International and the United Nations Girls Education Initiative, “gender-based violence is a fundamental violation of human rights. It is one of the worst manifestations of gender-based discrimination, disproportionately affecting girls and women, and a major obstacle to achieving gender equality.” [+]

The Power of Words

The 2014 CTF Women’s Issues Symposium from the eyes of participant Sherri Rose, Chair of the Equity Issues Committee of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. [+]

A National Teacher Advocacy Movement to Build on Strength at the Grassroots

Advocacy at CTF means to express the views of teachers and advocate on issues of importance to educators. The citizenry of Canada is manifesting a growing frustration with the current political environment. [+]

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