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Qualified teachers are essential to quality education for all

When I was little, my parents continually reminded me about the value of education.They taught my sister and me to be grateful for the opportunities we had to experience a high quality publicly-funded elementary and secondary education, and then to pursue post-secondary studies at a relatively low cost. [+]

On Point

CTF is currently doing a review and an alignment of its advocacy work to ensure it reflects the issues teachers want their organizations to speak out about on their behalf. Teachers have repeatedly, strongly and recently expressed their beliefs in the need for a forceful teacher voice on making life better for children. [+]

VOX 3.0 in motion

Issues related to the teaching profession, public education and the common good are key elements of VOX, the CTF National Advocacy Campaign in the months leading up to and well beyond the next federal election. The teacher voice is an important one to be heard for democracy. [+]

Parliament must speak for all Canadians

With the return of the contentious Bill C-377 in the Senate, CTF’s Bob McGahey describes how debate in the Canadian parliamentary system is not what it used to be. Can the Canadian public rely on fact-based discourse, intelligent, thoughtful discussion or well-reasoned responses to questions? You decide. [+]

After PELF

A first in the history of French-language education: CTF has introduced Francophone teachers to a major project that defines pedagogy in Francophone minority settings in Canada. It’s called PELF – Pédagogie à l’école de langue française - Pedagogy in French-language schools project – and it’s already receiving wave reviews by teachers. [+]

Finding the time and tools to teach about human rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and CTF recently unveiled the Canadian Human Rights Toolkit, a new central hub of educational resources available at no charge to all K-12 teachers. Find out more on how teachers and students can benefit from this unique resource that supports human rights education. [+]

On Public Education and Social Justice

Historically speaking, the idea of recognizing and respecting the basic human rights of all people, as they are entrenched in international human rights instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, is relatively new. CTF Researcher Bernie Froese-Germain draws from the recent CTF President’s Forum to explain more. [+]

Poverty, what is it? A discussion booklet for students in Grades 5 to 8

This new teacher resource was developed as a supporting tool for the CARE Theme of Imagineaction and to complement the Keep the Promise campaign. As the education partner in this ongoing social justice campaign, CTF knows that both student interest and the development of their social identities grow from their connections to family, school, and community. [+]

Work-life balance: teachers identify four key areas

Since the release of the online survey results in May, CTF Researcher Rick Riel has further mined the data to examine the four priority areas identified by over 8,000 teachers that would improve their work-life balance and enable them to become a more effective teacher. [+]

Project Overseas 2014 – Uganda: Challenged, Changed, Cherished

Angela Marr, member of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association was one of 50 participants who took part in CTF’s Project Overseas last summer. Here is her story which was first published in the NBTA News. [+]

Exploring Body Image Issues in the Classroom

In this article, Heather Thomson, member of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario explains how research continues to show that girls and boys are engaging in self-harming behaviours such as food restriction/dieting, excessive exercising, etc. at earlier ages; and that poor body image in youth can result in avoidance of many academic, social and economic opportunities. [+]

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