Issue # 16 | March 2015

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Corporate intrusion in public education

Over the past 15 years or so, the burgeoning influence and activity of education corporations and other businesses in schools and on education policy has become a crucial conversation in the sphere of public education around the world. More on corporate intrusion in public education. [+]

Vision for 2020

In her first message as Secretary General, Cassandra Hallett  explains the PATH for the Canadian Teachers’ Federation’s strategic plan which will lead the federation’s to its 100th anniversary in 2020. [+]

Our Canada. Our Students. Our Profession.
The importance of raising our teacher voice in this federal election

In this coming federal election and beyond, teachers can give voice to their students’ needs through the CTF campaign "Hear My Voice ". Many of the issues that affect teaching and learning in schools are connected to federal jurisdiction. Teachers can raise their voices for child and youth mental health and child poverty. [+]

Reflections on Camp Vox: The art and science of political campaigning

In early October 2014, CTF hosted Camp VOX, a three-day political advocacy training event designed for staff and elected officials of its Member organizations, Associate and Affiliate Members. Ian Pettigrew of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation reflects on his personal experience at Camp VOX. [+]

Walking the talk – Reducing the stigma of mental illness in the elementary classroom

Too often, teachers are left to their own device on how to help children with a wide range of learning disabilities and mental health issues. Ron Muller, member of CTF’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Human Rights, describes his own experience in starting “courageous” conversations with his students in the classroom about mental health. [+]

Cuts in student enrolment in Ontario’s faculties of education are jeopardizing the quality of French-language education in minority settings in Canada

Given student enrolment cuts in faculties of education, Carol Jolin, President of the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO), explains how these measures are jeopardizing the quality of French-language education in minority settings in Canada. [+]

Vignette: One person’s learning is another one’s joy

Who never experienced the situation, as an Anglophone or a Francophone, where French-speakers outnumbered English-speakers, but people spoke English nonetheless? Why does this happen? [+]

International Women’s Day, an important one for teachers

March 8th is celebrated around the world to celebrate women’s achievements and to mobilize for gender equality. In her article, Shelley Morse, President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and CTF VP responsible for the Federation’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, describes teacher organizations’ role in advocating for women. [+]

Little progress on gender equity in Canada

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation was among several civil society, academic, Aboriginal and human rights organizations that contributed to a recent report published by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) which documents Canada’s progress towards gender equity over the past five years. [+]

Ebola crisis in Africa: how Canadian teachers are making a difference

Find out how the actions of teacher organizations overseas, supported by Canadian teachers and their organizations, are having an impact in alleviating the effects of Ebola-stricken countries. [+]

Canadian students raise their voices about child poverty

Last November, 55 students and 30 teachers came together in Ottawa for two days to participate in a Student Summit to support the Keep the Promise anti-poverty campaign. Find out what teachers had to say about their experience. [+]

Improving school climate through disability awareness programs

Disability Awareness Programs are at the heart of this article submitted by the Rick Hansen School Program. It explains how a positive climate that emphasizes high expectations for caring relationships and respectful interactions plays a key role in academic success. [+]

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