Issue # 20 | March 2016

In this issue

Vive la Francophonie!

Picking up on this issue’s theme of la Francophonie, President Heather Smith describes how the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) supports Francophone teachers in minority settings. [+]

Reflections of a committed “Francophile”

CTF Secretary General Cassie Hallett describes her journey to being a “Francophile” which was ignited when she was a teenager participating in a summer immersion program. [+]

Feature: Francophone liaison officers, a mobilizing force

Discover how CTF Services to Francophones is all about people — not just a program area at CTF. [+]

CTF’s International Program: En français, s’il vous plaît!

Throughout its 54-year history, the CTF International Program has been involved with teacher organizations in 14 Francophone countries among others. [+]

Togo — Always at the heart of our lives

Discover the lived experiences of Simone Desilets and Simon Pagé, both members of The Alberta Teachers’ Association who travelled to Togo as part of the 2015 CTF Project Overseas program. [+]

Francophone teachers in British Columbia

This small but strong Francophone teachers’ union within the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation is determined to have its voice heard. [+]

Francophone teachers in Manitoba

Find out more about the ÉFM – a 47-year-old association that represents Francophone teachers in minority settings within The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. [+]

The National Film Board (NFB) offers a wealth of resources for teachers []

About 90% of Canadian schools are subscribed to the NFB’s CAMPUS, its online media resource. If you’re unsure whether your school has a subscription you can check CAMPUS. In the meantime, here’s an excellent blog about the story of the fight for linguistic rights for Francophone Canadians. [+]

Connected to learn: Teachers’ experiences with networked technologies in the classroom

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation and MediaSmarts partnered to gain a better understanding of the role new technologies play in teaching and learning in Canadian schools. [+]

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