Issue # 27 | March 2018

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The teaching profession — it’s all of us

According to President H. Mark Ramsankar, being a professional teacher isn’t confined to the classroom or the school. “Because we work with children, … we must also embody high standards of ethical conduct at all times.” [+]

It’s about teachers’ professional space

Secretary General Cassandra Hallett explains how Canadian teachers’ professional space is being squeezed by the steady ping of emails, staff meetings, schools incidents, extracurricular duties, inquiries from parents in addition to their teaching, planning and marking. [+]

The “always on” teacher and avoiding zombies: towards the thoughtful use of digital communications

Joni Turville compares emails to zombies. They never stop coming at you. The more you read and reply, the more email is generated. For teachers who are teaching all day and not sitting in front of the computer, the impact on their professional space is profound. [+]

Research shows both innovation and challenges in teachers’ professional learning space in Canada

In her overview of teachers’ professional learning space across the country, Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson describes the tension that exists about who should control this space. [+]

Simplifying one’s relationship with language and culture in French-language schools is not an impossible task!

The double mandate of teachers in Francophone minority settings raises some challenges in terms of effectively transmitting knowledge while instilling a passion for the French-Canadian culture. The CTF offers ideas and resources. [+]

New professional learning and development network to benefit teachers across the country

First came the CTF National Teacher Research Network and now, introducing the new CTF Professional Learning and Development Network which brings together Member organizations staff who work in professional learning. [+]

EI World Women’s Conference focuses on women claiming their space within their own unions and in society

Over 300 participants — including a small delegation of CTF teacher leaders — discussed the vexed question of why, in 2018, there continues to be so few women in the highest leadership and decision-making positions across sectors. [+]

Understanding teacher identity in the 21st century

How national policies and cultural factors influence the development of teachers’ professional identities is the subject of a new set of studies commissioned by Education International — an eye-opener for educators and policy makers alike. [+]

Teachers’ use of fair dealing will need to be defended as the federal government reviews the Copyright Act

The ramifications of legislative change in favor of the lobbying publishers would siphon money out of public education and into their pockets. [+]

Participation as the foundation of teachers’ empowerment

Agnès Bikoko and Paul Ombiono of the Cameroun teachers’ federation explain how they view teacher autonomy. [+]

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