Issue # 5 | November 2011

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The Canadian teachers’ voice on the international scene

As head of the Canadian delegation attending Education International’s (EI) World Congress in South Africa last July, I was struck by the similarities that Canadian teachers have with teachers from around the globe. We are all faced with enormous challenges. The global financial crisis has had…. [+]

Quality in; quality out

A group of us at the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) recently had the opportunity to sit down with a group of teacher leaders from the United States. Our topic of discussion over three days was, “What is it that causes Canada to be regarded by the international community as a success in the delivery of high quality public education?” The session was eye opening for us all. All of us had… [+]

Teacher voice in political activism

Within a five-week period this fall, voters in the Northwest Territories (Oct. 3), Prince Edward Island (Oct. 3), Manitoba (Oct. 4), Ontario (Oct. 6), Newfoundland and Labrador (Oct. 11), Yukon (Oct. 11) and Saskatchewan (Nov. 7) went to the polls.  Since education is a provincial and territorial responsibility, it comes as no surprise that teacher organizations flexed their political muscle to… [+]

It's MyWorld (but welcome to it): New online tutorial teaches digital literacy skills to secondary students

Popular views of young people’s Internet use tend to fall into one of two camps: either teens are “digital natives”, so far ahead of their “immigrant” parents and teachers that they have nothing to learn, or they are innocents abroad in a worldwide red light district, sending “sexts” to predators, and posting photos of last night's [+]

Connecting to citizenship

What do flash mobs, online petitions and Facebook have in common? For the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, they are all ways Canadians can express their views in a modern democracy. And the Canadian Teachers’ Federation is making sure Canada’s students learn to exercise this powerful democratic tool effectively and….

The Voice of Canadian Teachers on Teaching and Learning

This national research project was conducted by the CTF in collaboration with its Member teacher organizations. The intent of the project is to expose the voice of teachers concerning their perspectives on teaching and learning in Canada’s public schools, drawing on the substantial pool of experience, expertise and knowledge they possess, with a view to informing and influencing education policy decisions to enhance the quality… [+]

The Power of Project Overseas

When 12 Canadian Team Leaders from Project Overseas 2011 attended their debriefing in Ottawa at the end of September, they were eager to share vignettes that backed up comments from overseas teacher participants. Their summer experiences echo the importance of child-centred [+]

“It’s a basic human right of children and youth”i

Every once in a while, you hear, see or experience something that reminds you that all is not as it should be. As classroom teachers, we may be unaware of the statistics, we may get caught up in the standardization agenda, and we may sometimes lose sight of the human… [+]

TECHNOLOGY in French-language schools

Technology is changing constantly and rapidly. The results of a pan-Canadian survey on the use of technology by French-language school students shed light on this aspect of young people’s social context. This survey shows that young Francophones interact extensively with technology, but… [+]

Museums and Schools Partnership Award

Each year, the Canadian Museums Association (CMA), in collaboration with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF), presents the Museums and Schools Partnership Award to celebrate and encourage excellence in collaborative projects or initiatives between Canadian museums and schools, school boards or districts. By collaborating in developing educational… [+]

A Sizable Issue: Reducing class size matters

The fallout from education funding shortfalls has parents, teachers and trustees concerned about possible increases in class size. [+]

Public water for sale

(Précis of an article published in French in the magazine ”Quoi de neuf” published by the Association des retraitées et retraités de l’éducation et des autres services publics du Québec) [+]

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