Issue # 6 | February 2012

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The teacher voice at the heart of global and national education partnerships

CTF’s capacity to network with education stakeholders and to help frame policy discussions has been a valuable element for its Members. These partnerships ensure that the teacher voice is represented in discussions which will eventually ... [+]

Human Rights – Whose issue are they anyways?

When hard economic times hit, there are some who would like to see human rights denied. In Canada, some people have started to consider what social benefits are “earned” from a monetary rather than a humanistic perspective. Although great progress has been made, much needs to be improved to promote and maintain our human rights. Find out how the CTF Imagineaction Program provides teachers and students with opportunities and resources to fully explore and advance human rights in Canada. [+]

Class size and student diversity: two sides of the same coin

For teachers, both class size and diversity matter. When we talk about class size, we also need to be thinking about the number of students with a variety of individual learning needs in those classes. A recent CTF national survey reporting on nearly 10,000 schools and involving 3,777 teachers in Canada reveals some startling data about class size and diversity. [+]

Cultural diversity in French-language schools

Here is a summary of the report prepared by the members of the Network of Francophone Liaison Officers who reviewed advances and challenges in welcoming newcomers in French-language schools. [+]

Manitoba teachers identify five challenges

Two out of three Manitoba teachers believe large class sizes, student absenteeism and lack of parental support for students have a significant impact on students’ ability to succeed. Read more about the 2011 MTS survey… [+]

Canada’s A Grade Teachers

From French to Physics, Canadian teachers provide a world-class education in a modern, multicultural and fast changing social environment. [+]

Launch of twinning program involving Aboriginal and public schools

CTF, in partnership with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), is proud to introduce an exciting pilot project through its Imagineaction program that will connect Aboriginal and public schools, bridge the distance between classrooms and offer a common virtual platform to share stories. [+]

Uncommon teachers in the House

Find out more about three popular teachers-turned-MPs who have moved from the halls of learning to the corridors of politics in order to make a difference in Canadians’ lives. A profile of former teachers Paul Dewar, Joy Smith and Justin Trudeau. [+]

CTF International program supports girl friendly schools

TAG – Teacher Action for Girls – is a program that helps teachers identify barriers to a safe and equitable school environment, foster understanding and action within school communities and create inclusive and girl-friendly schools. [+]

56th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

The global unions representing teachers, public service workers and trade workers will join as one voice later this month at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. This year’s theme is “The Empowerment of Rural Women and their Role in Poverty and Hunger Eradication, Development and Current Challenges.” [+]

The OECD and Teachers

What is the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and how does it expand its influence on education policy around the world. [+]

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