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So what is it about Canada?

Canada is recognized around the world as having one of the best education systems. Yet, some provincial governments are seriously jeopardizing our public education system by waving the austerity flag.
Is this the right path for Canada?

Being part of CTF is being part of the world of teaching

It is natural for teachers to question the value of CTF since the federation is one step removed from direct service to teachers.
So what does CTF do for you as a teacher? Plenty – as you are
about to find out.

Teachers' perspectives on student mental health in Canadian schools

In collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada,
CTF conducted a national survey on mental health which drew
the responses of 3,900 teachers. Results are quite revealing.

Canadian teachers believe in public education

As part of its ongoing work to raise the “Teacher Voice” and perspectives on teaching and learning in Canada’s public schools, a number of members of the CTF Board of Directors joined CTF President Paul Taillefer in the production of a series of YouTube videos. [+]

International Programs - launching the next 50 years

Thanks to the support of CTF Member organizations, 53 Canadian teachers are about to embark in this summer’s Project Overseas program and will provide in-service training for their teacher
colleagues in 13 countries.

Civic community schools: What's involved for teachers?

The community school at the heart of civic engagement is
a new concept in French language schools. What role will
teachers play?

Cyberbullying - CTF calls for a national education campaign

The Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights has been holding hearings this spring on cyberbullying in an effort to explore ways to prevent it and protect youth. Many voices were invited – including CTF. More on the CTF presentation on May 14. [+]

Cyberbullying Task Force in Nova Scotia

The report tabled by the Cyberbullying Task Force in Nova Scotia proposes pro-active measures which resonates with educators
– with the exception of one. Find out more about the Nova Scotia Teachers Union response to the McKay report.

Teaching the Net Generation: Teachers' Perspectives

With the help of CTF and its Member organizations, MediaSmarts (formerly known as the Media Awareness Network) conducted teacher focus groups across the country to find out about the role played by digital technology in teachers’ lives and their professional practices. [+]

Listen, I read

Listen, I read is a riveting Canadian tale in which award-winning authors, teachers and students are the central figures. The story
is set in the world of Canadian contemporary literature and the plot revolves around social justice action in our communities.

Engaging students in Canada's Democracy Week

Another project under CTF’s Imagineaction banner is currently in development in partnership with Elections Canada. The new project
will aim to engage youth and teachers in Canada’s Democracy Week, Sept. 15-22, 2012. Lesson plans and other resources will be posted later in the summer.

Aboriginal EAs strive to be teachers

First nine graduates of training project now in Manitoba classrooms Aboriginal Education. More in the Manitoba Teachers’ Society “Teacher” publication. [+]

The Annual Museums and Schools Partnership Award

The Annual Museums and Schools Partnership Award celebrates and encourages excellence in collaboration between Canadian museums and schools, school boards or districts in developing educational programming to enrich and expand students’ understanding of and appreciation for Canada’s cultural and natural heritage. The deadline
is Nov. 15 for entries.

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