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Taking a stand for teachers is taking a stand for public education

This year’s World Teachers’ Day theme is a call-out for support for teachers not only in Canada but around the world. Education International and UNESCO adopted this theme in light of the toll that austerity measures have had on public education. [+]

Good Teaching / Good Teachers

I see the term “21st Century teaching and learning” so frequently that I am disturbed by the inference that to be good things must be new and different. This term is especially used by people who wish to suggest that there is some new magic in modern technology that creates a new “good teaching.” Poppycock… [+]

Education as a Public Good

A few years ago the CTF Work Group on Teaching Quality looked at the politics of language in education, specifically how the language of the neo-liberal agenda is used to marginalize both the teaching profession and the mission... [+]

CTF AGM Attendees Discuss Education as a Public Good

Attendees at the 2012 CTF AGM engaged in a discussion of education as a public good. It is a given to presume that participants approached the discussion believing that all society benefits from public education; and All students have a right to full support in and from a public education system... [+]

Bill C-377

Bill C-377 is politically motivated attack on the association rights of workers. What does it mean for teachers and their organizations? Read the editorial by Jonathan Teghtmeyer, ATA. (in English only) [+]

Pédagogie à l’école de langue française (pedagogy in French-language schools): a definition based on the challenges in minority-language settings

CTF undertook a large-scale project in an effort to define pedagogy as it applies to Canada’s minority-setting French-language schools. This is the first in a series of articles designed to shed light on the many concepts underlying this definition. [+]

English and French language learners account for an important share of public school enrolments

Linguistic diversity is one of the defining characteristics of Canadian society. Although Canada’s official languages are English and French, in many cases the mother tongue of many school-aged children, and/or their language most often spoken at home, is a non-official language... [+]

Teaching the Way We Aspire to Teach: Now and in the Future

Teaching the Way We Aspire to Teach: Now and in the Future is a joint research report from the Canadian Education Association (CEA) and CTF which paints a national picture of who teachers are and articulates the support they need to teach at their best. The research involved extensive input from over 200 teachers who participated in CEA focus groups across the country and over 4,700 teachers who responded to a CTF online survey… [+]

New campaign challenges youth to be the generation to effect change in mental health

Partners for Mental Health is launching a new youth campaign this month, titled “Let’s Call BS,” with the aim of challenging young Canadians to see mental health as their issue and that they can be the generation to change things for the better... [+]

Project Overseas 2012

Thanks to CTF Member organizations, 53 Canadians from across Canada worked alongside co-tutors, provided in-service to 1,400 colleagues and engaged the interest of Ministries of Education, Canadian diplomats, the media and the public... [+]

Former Canadian PM praises teachers and new human rights initiative

At the 2012 CTF AGM, former Prime Minister Paul Martin shared his commitment to righting the wrong of education underfunding for Aboriginal students in Canada. In his remarks, he also praised Canadian teachers and highlighted the new CTF initiative in collaboration with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights... [+]

Reconciliation in Action: Educators and Students standing in Solidarity with First Nations Children and Canadian Values

Engaging students in social justice campaigns provides an opportunity to enhance understanding of community, generosity, and kindness, while practicing problem solving skills... [+]

2012 Media Literacy Week

If you’re planning any media literacy events or know of any innovative youth and/or educators in your community who are making media education happen, please let us know... [+]

Promoting healthy relationships. PREVNet offers new training module for teachers and adult leaders

Adults play a critical role in socializing children and youth, enabling children and youth to form healthy and respectful relationships with their peers. That is why PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) has recently partnered with youth-serving organizations to create the Healthy Relationships Training Module (HRTM)... [+]

The Annual Museums and Schools Partnership Award

The Annual Museums and Schools Partnership Award celebrates and encourages excellence in collaboration between Canadian museums and schools, school boards or districts in developing educational programming to enrich and expand students’ understanding of and appreciation for Canada’s cultural and natural heritage. The deadline is Nov. 15 for entries. [+]

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