Issue # 23 | February 2017

In this issue

From our classrooms to our dinner tables to elected office

President Heather Smith tells us why we must continue to fight for women’s rights and encourage women to take their place in the political sphere. [+]

Advocating for gender rights, social justice and public education

Secretary General Cassie Hallett explains how advocacy for gender rights, social justice and public education can start with you! [+]

Gender equity, education and the SDGs

Discover how gender equity and education are fundamental to the achievement of all United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. [+]

Carrying on our legacy – Indigenous feminism

Learn about the various sides of Indigenous feminism, a feminism based on ancestral traditions and knowledge, connection to nature and balance between women and men. [+]

Educating girls in the networked classroom: Collaboration with The eQuality Project

Teachers are well positioned to educate students about digital citizenship and particularly girls’ equal right to participate in the digital world. See what is possible… [+]

When teachers in rural Ghana peer through a gender lens

Discover how a teacher organization in Ghana addresses the issue of gender inequality. [+]

Claudette Tardif: A source of inspiration

Senator Claudette Tardif, a leading figure in the defence of language rights in Canada, has always felt comfortable in male-dominated settings. Her journey impresses and inspires. [+]

“A quilt just for you”

A teacher shares a personal experience that reminds us about the importance of promoting gender equality in the classroom. [+]

ETFO’s journey to implement and embrace its transgender policy

ETFO wants to make its programs, services and activities more inclusive for transgender individuals. See how! [+]

Teachers have a duty to trump the Trumps of the world

Together, let’s counter the sexist mindset that Donald Trump embodies and promotes! [+]

Mirror image: Reflections on gender and media

Discover MediaSmarts’ workshops and lesson plans on gender stereotypes in the media and their impact on children and youth. See how they can fit in your province or territory’s curriculum. [+]

Teaching about gender diversity with My Prairie Home

The National Film Board of Canada’s film My Prairie Home comes with an educator’s guide which helps to demystify key concepts related to gender diversity. [+]

Status of Women Canada

International Women’s Day is March 8th – check out the Status of Women Canada website for theme and other related information on projects and programs promoting women’s rights. [+]

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