Issue # 22 | October 2016

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All of society benefits when our students’ mental health is supported early in life

Heather Smith reflects on the recent Canadian Forum on Public Education, her 33-year career as a teacher and how we can best support the mental health and wellness of students and teachers. [+]

Supporting the well-being of our teachers and students through advocacy, research and action

Cassie Hallett describes the Federation’s next steps after the inspiring Canadian Forum on Public Education. [+]

Feature – Wellness in our schools: Time to act! Reflections from the 2016 Canadian Forum on Public Education

Discover the thoughts and ideas that came out of the Canadian Forum on Public Education on potential actions that teachers, teacher organizations, and governments could take to improve student and teacher mental health and well-being in our schools. [+]

Working together to take down barriers

Find out more about the work of the Société Santé en français which aims to support Francophones living in minority settings in terms of overcoming language barriers in health services. [+]

UN calls for a federal representative for children and youth in Canada

The CTF lobbying efforts for the creation of a federal commissioner for children and youth were bolstered by the call issued by the United Nations. But the work is not over. [+]

On mental health through a gender lens

The link between violence against women and children and mental illness is strong. At the Annual General Meeting, CTF delegates adopted resolutions that address domestic violence, violence against teachers and murdered and missing Indigenous women. [+]

The Alberta Teachers’ Association launches a re-vamped mental health resource for teachers

The Alberta Teachers’ Association, as part of the Healthy Minds, Bright Futures partnership, has updated and renamed its mental health resource for teachers, which is getting a phenomenal response. [+]

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation: Resources to help teachers refuel

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation Health and Wellness Program supports its members in overcoming difficulties faced in their classrooms. [+]

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society’s wellness program: Balance — Mind Body Spirit

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society’s wellness program, “Balance”, was launched in the spring of 2015 with a dedication to providing wellness resources to its members. [+]

MediaSmarts: Dealing with digital stress

Like their mobile devices, today’s youth are expected by their peers to be “always on” – and worry about what’s happening when they’re not. [+]

Ways to challenge mental health stigma in the classroom

Imagine for a moment that every single day of your life is a series of trials and tribulations, falling one on top of the other in an unceasing manner. The CTF Imagineaction program can help make a difference. [+]

CTF Member organizations offer mental health resources

Check out the helpful online resources to support teacher well-being offered by CTF Member organizations across the country. [+]

Exploring mental health in the classroom

The National Film Board’s educational playlist of films on mental health can facilitate discussion with students and enhance your own professional and personal development. [+]

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